July 24, 2018


when I come across a brand or company that i enjoy, i share. its not because i am paid, and often i am not even asked to promote, but i just want to share what i’ve found or like and hope that others are able to enjoy it too. there have been some occasions where i am approached by a company to collaborate, many times i actually turn them down because i just didn’t like their product and would never pretend to promote/like something for free product even if I am paid.
this one is not the case.
let me introduce you to Alabaster Co //


the moment I saw ALABASTER CO. I was drawn to it. obviously aesthetically they are beautiful, but the images they choose to display and the curation give you an opportunity to discover the words of Jesus in a new way. to flip through pages and not just scroll an app. to have them sit on display where maybe someone would pick them up and thumb through the pages where a thick leather bound one may have seemed overwhelming before. they really are beautiful & for more reasons then the ones you see.

i know this is not the usual blog posts i share, and could have just posted a photo on Instagram…but i really wanted you to see some more of what ALABASTER CO. are doing and i hope you get a chance to feel and read them for yourselves.


** when you order make sure to use my coupon code TIARRASORTE15 for 15% off  ** ALABASTER CO.


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