May 4, 2019

SARA & PATRICK ENGAGEMENT SESSION // those sexy city lights

having a style you vibe with but pushing the creativity, trying something new each session isn’t easy. I start with a mood, a look I’m after & then plan for my spots from there. the mood I was after was bringing in that Seattle vibe. that corner diner, pizza by the slice, a little sexy, a little dirty. chasing the light into the night.

this is why connection from the very beginning is so important. there’s got to be trust. I’m sporadic, I go with my gut. and sometimes that leads us off the path or to driving to a rooftop after dark in the city on a Friday night, laying on the ground & dancing around like fools. engagement sessions aren’t for save the dates & cute little announcements. we’re gonna create together just like we do on your wedding day….we’ve just got a hell of a lot more time to play….and that’s what we are gonna do.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Very cinematic! Absolutely special….

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