May 28, 2017

michelle and adam // deception pass engagement

michelle & adam
these two met in college. it was a group date that was secretly a set up where everyone left them stranded they had no choice but to talk to each other. an interview for a job 8 states away where neither had ever been would bring them both to a chiropractic office just around the corner from my house….I would go talk about the pain I’m always in because of my job….5 months later after their engagement they would hire me to take them into the PNW. now here we are driving 2 hours outside of the city, playing on cliffs running in the sand. trespassing in a field ending it all with a beer at the only open restaurant 5 miles from the highway. // you never know what paths will cross with yours. they may be temporary or they could change your life. don’t miss them.

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