February 22, 2018

Belltown couple shoot | fur coat & sunlight

this fabulous couple volunteered to model for a recent mentorship session, & i am officially obsessed with them. half way through they mentioned that morning was just not on their side. they both woke up in a pissy mood & not feeling it. the Seattle rain has a way of doing that to all of us.

Angelene after our first 15 minutes says to me “getting your photos done is basically the same as couple’s therapy, you’re forced to get close & remember how much you love that person”

YES! hearing that made my day. my goal is to get you into that space, forgetting whatever has taken place up until that moment & see only each other & stay there for awhile.

of course, just as a mood can turn around, so did Seattle! the sun came out just in time & took us all for a ride.


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  1. liz zuluaga says:

    Dear Tiarra, WHAT ARE THESE FUCKING PHOTOS?! Every single one is fire. Obsession. Love Alex, Chelsea and Liz

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