June 13, 2019

an Indian wedding // from my perspective

I don’t often share weddings that I have assisted in/second shot* for. I am there to support the main photographer, and help piece together the day and be a second set of eyes. The images I come home with are just that, pieces of the day, and don’t really tell the whole story. I have gone back and forth on if I should share this wedding and i’ve come to the decision that while this “post” may not be a complete story, there were moments that moved me & it seems silly to keep them hidden.

I have witnessed some really beautiful weddings but there was just something about this one in particular that had me moved & impacted in a way that is hard to describe. This was the first Indian wedding I was part of, and event if for most of the ceremony I wasn’t sure what was happening it truly didn’t matter. It was still two families becoming one. a celebration of love & traditions. you could feel deep in your core the excitement in every person standing there. This was a truly celebration for all. Color, life, vibrancy. all here in one little snapshot.

this is Devi & Robby from where I stood.

*second shooting for AZIZ STUDIOS

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